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Articles by Dr. William Ibrahim Gamard

Islamic Prayers and Devotions - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/islamic-devotions.html

The Poetry of Sultan Walad - http://www.dar-al-masnavi.org/about-walad.html


The Life and Works of Mawlana Jalal Al-Din Balkhi-Rumi (4/10, for http://historyofislam.com/) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/mawlana.encyclopaedia.pdf

Interview With Ibrahim Gamard, on Sufi Radio (KWMR FM, Pt. Reyes Station, California, 4/8/10) - http://sufiradio.com/0854552full/IbrahimGamard.mp3

Interview With Ibrahim Gamard, for Turkish Mevlevi website (12/09) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/interview.html

The Popularity of Rumi and the Mawlawi Tradition (9/09) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/popularity-of-rumi.html

Shaykh Ghalib's Praise of Mawlana and Masnavi (2/09) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/ghalib-on-rumi.html

The Leader of All Mevlevis (3/08) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/leader-of-mevlevis.html

About the Mevlevi Ring (12/07) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/about-mevleviring.html

Rumi's Praises of the Prophet Muhammad (4/07) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/rumi-on-prophet.html

Rumi Prophecies (4/07) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/rumi-prophecies.html

Western Views of Mawlana Rumi's Muslim Identity (8/06) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/western_views.html

How to Understand Mawlana Rumi (2/06) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/understanding-mawlana.html

"Why Gurdjieff's Fourth Way Teachings Are Not Compatible With The Mevlevi Sufi Way (12/05) -

"Rumi And Self-Discovery" published in Islamica Magazine (8/05) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/self-discovery-islamica.html

The Importance of Islam for the Mevlevis of Istanbul (4/04) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/mevlevis-of-istanbul.html

A Visit to the Tomb of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and the Oldest Manuscript of the Masnavi (4/04) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/rumi-tomb-visit.html

Evidence that Mawlana Was Born in Tajikistan (1/04) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/wakhsh.html

Mevlevi Terms and Definitions (12/02, 8/09) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/mevlevi-glossary.html

Guidance From The Mathnawi (1/02) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/masnavi-guidance.html

A Reply To Misunderstandings About Mawlana and Shams (1/01) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/rumi-shams.html

Adab in the Mevlevi Tradition (1/00) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/adab-mevlevi.html

Rumi And Self-Discovery (4/99) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/self-discovery.html

Concerning Mawlana's Nationality (1/99) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/nationality.html

Rumi's "Wedding Night" (12/98) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/wedding-night.html

Asking Forgiveness in the Qur'an and Masnavi (8/98) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/forgiveness.html

Masnavi Readers And The Principles of Teaching The Masnavi (7/98) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/golpinarli-1.html

Memories of Suleyman Dede Efendi (1/85) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/dede.html

Thanksgiving From the Islamic Perspective (11/84) - http://dar-al-masnavi.org/thanksgiving.html

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