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Развесистая Клюква: Murder, She Wrote ("The List of Uri Lermentov", 1984)

US Congressman Arthur Prouty insists that Jessica attends a Washington trade reception where he can hand her a copy of his own fly-fishing book. Actually a short encrypted note is slipped into it by Soviet embassy trade representative Uri Lermentov.
At night he slips into her hotel suite to retrieve it, but is killed by someone escaping. Jessica and police Lt. Blaisdell get little out of her British intelligence friend Michael Hagarty, who was in rough negotiations for a crucial list with Lermentov.
He's arrested, leaving Jessica to find and trap the killer.


Theodore Bikel - Uri Lermentov
Nicholas Kadi - Sergei Ivanovich Onyegin
Uri Lermentov


Theodore Bikel (Born: Theodor Meir Bikel, May 2, 1924 in Vienna, Austria) is one of the most versatile and respected actors and performers of his generation. A master of languages, dialects and accents, he has played every sort of film villain and semi-bad guy imaginable, and always adds depth, dimension and even sympathy to characters that would end up as cardboard cutouts in the hands of lesser actors...

Sergei Ivanovich Onyegin

<---------------------------- Лерментов; Онегин --------------------------->

Nicholas Kadi (birth name Nameer El-Kadi), is grandson of Nuri El-Kadi who rode with T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence Of Arabia) against the Ottoman Empire. His father, Nizar El-Kadi represented Iraq at the United Nations in the late fifties. Nicholas' mother, Marjorie El-Kadi is an award-winning television host and actress
Synopsis: http://jesmaine.tripod.com/stories/s_challenge_-_sarah.htm
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