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Roger Garaudy, "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics"



Part I: Theological Myths

1.The Myth of the "Promise": Promised Land or Conquered Land?
a. In Contemporary Christian Exegesis
b. In the Prophetic Jewish Exegesis
2.The Myth of the "Chosen People"
3.The Myth of Joshua: Ethnic Purification

Part II: The Myths of the 20th Century

1.The Myth of Zionist Antifascism
2.The Myth of the Justice of Nuremberg
3.The Myth of the Holocaust
4.The Myth of "A Land Without a People for a People Without a Land"

Part III: The Political Use of the Myth

1.The Israeli-Zionist Lobby in the United States
2.The Israeli-Zionist Lobby in France
3.The Myth of the Israeli Miracle: The External Financing of Israel



Right to Reply - A Pamphlet in Response to Attacks
A Reply to the Media Lynching of Abbe Pierre and Roger Garaudy
•Introductory words
•Machination of a Lynching
•The Scorned "Right to Reply"
•The Witch Hunt
•Struggle Against All Fundamentalisms
•The Magic Word that Kills
•As for the lies instituted at Nuremberg
•Then what do I deny?
•One Goal: Gag Abbe Pierre and Garaudy
•Zionism against Israel
•A Very Powerful Lobby in the United States
•A Very Powerful Lobby in France
•The Nuremberg Taboo: An Inverted Dreyfus Affair
•A "Litany of Hate"
•A Tribal Reading of the Bible
•A Prophetic Reading: Abbe Pierre
•Abrogate the Totalitarian Gayssot Law
•In Whose Interest?
•But the Truth Bursts Against Darkness


1.Letter from Abbe Pierre to Roger Garaudy, 15 April, 1996
2.Letter from Pastor Roger Parmentier to Roger Garaudy, 11 May, 1996
3.The Cry of a Deportee
by Gaston Pernot, Doctor of Law, Commander of the Legion of Honor, Paris ("Le Figaro," Friday, May 3, 1996)
4.Indignation of an Israeli Writer
by Ari Shavit/Haaretz/New York Times Syndication
(Translated from Hebrew in "Liberation" of May 21, 1996.)
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