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Ancient Art from Antiquity to Medieval times

Ancient Touch specializes in Ancient Art from Antiquity to Medieval times featuring cultures of the Europe, Mediterranean world, Asia Minor and Near East of Neolithic, Bronze age and Iron age periods.
The gallery is divided as follows:
- Ancient: Assyrian, Urartian, Luristan and Scythian;
- Classical: Greek and Roman;
- the Migration period: Hunnish, Germanic (Frankish, Ostrogothic, Visigothic, Langobardic) and Avar;
- the Middle Ages: Byzantine, Islamic, Bulgarian, Khazarian and Slavic.

ROMAN OR PARTHIAN CARNELIAN NECKLACE, I century B.C. - I century A.D. Composed of globular carnelian beads and 17 conical pendants with round bottoms and tops
The categories are subdivided into different aspects of culture.
Ancient beads is one category encompassing several cultures and time periods.
All items have been meticulously researched and attributed in accordance with archaeological reports and other credible reference materials.
The authenticity of each and every item is guaranteed.
Tags: галерея, искусство, ювелир

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