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Windows Processes XP

_____________ keep _______________________________

AGRSMMSG.exe - Agere Modem Driver
Agrsmsvc.exe - Agere Modem associated w/audio device driver
Alcxmntr.exe - Driver for Realtek audio
Alg.exe - Application Layer Gateway Svc, used by windows XP firewall
CcApp.exe - Symantec AntiVirus Common Client Application part
CcEvtMgr.exe - Symantec AntiVirus events tracker
CcSetMgr.exe - Symantec Settings Manager
Csrss.exe - Client/Server Run-Time Subsystem - essential
ctfmon.exe - Alternative User Input Text Input Processor and the "Microsoft Office Language Bar" - essential
DefWatch.exe - Symantec AntiVirus defs Watch
HDAudPropShortcut.exe - on Startup optimizes the High Definition Audio, it runs at Windows startup, does its job, and closes < leave alone
kbd.exe - keyboard
Lsass.exe - Security Authentication, verifies user logons to your PC
MsMpEng.exe - back-end of MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)
Msseces.exe - front-end GUI of MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)
Recguard.exe - HP process, prevents user from deleting or corrupting the WinXP Recovery Partition on HP comps
Rtvscan.exe - real-time scanning of the Symantec Internet Security
Services.exe - When boot your computer, it calls all applications & 3rd-party applications you authorized to run at startup. These are the icons you see on the bottom right of your screen in the system tray. The reverse happens during shutdown.
Smss.exe - session manager - starts user session
SPBBCSVC.exe - Symantec Internet Security Service
Svchost.exe - Host Process for Win32 Services, part of Windows OS,
loads a service dll into memory, may be several copies
Symlcsvc.exe - Symantec Internet Security Suite
VPTray.exe - ! Symantec Antivirus icon in tray, can be stopped <<< DONT! Winlogon.exe - manages user logon/off & Windows XP activation code
wuauclt.exe - Windows AutoUpdate background process; shows when waiting 4 permission to download an update

_____________ may cancel ____________________________

AdobeARM.exe - Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager, is an autoupdate utility that notifies you, downloads, and installs new updates for these products
GoogleDeskTop.exe - desktop search application, provides full text search over your files, doesn't need to be at startup
GoogleTalk.exe - belongs to the Google Talk Instant Messenger
GoogleTalkPlugin.exe - allows video conference in gmail's Google talk
GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe - runs all the time to make sure that Google is your default search engine
GoogleUpdate.exe - updates Google Chrome
GrooveMonitor.exe - part of Microsoft Office 2007 to work collaboratively with your colleagues
Hkcmd.exe - Intel Hotkey kbd command for graphics
if never use: Control Panel> Intel Extreme Graphics> Hot Keys > turn off
Hpsysdrv.exe - HP driver, used in Compaqs; if removed, prevents
running of the Application Recovery CDs, the use of the multimedia keys
HPwuSchd2.exe - updater for hp computers
Igfxtray.exe - Intel Graphics Tray process "driver installation" package, Quick access to the control panel via a System Tray icon for graphics based upon the Intel chipsets < not essential
Jqs.exe - Java Quick Starter, improve startup time of Java applets
Jusched.exe - Java Update scheduler
LVPrcSrv.exe - Logitech webcam driver for laptop
LWS.exe - Logitech Webcam Software to support features such as face tracking.
MDM.exe - Machine Debug Manager, application debugging by advanced users
mDNSResponder.exe - Apple Quick Time Movie Player
OfficeLiveSignIn.exe - allows to Store/Share docs on-line
PackethSvc.exe - virt. net adapters 4 CompuServe/AOL internet srvc
qttask.exe - Apple's "Quick Time" viewer
Ram_XP.exe - RAM enhancement soft, not critical
Reader_SL.exe - Adobe Reader Speed Launch
Remind_xp.exe - SoftThinks CD Creator Reminder
sgtray.exe - SysTray icon and background monitoring task for Veritas Storage Guard which installed as part of Backup. It alerts you when you have not done a backup of your data for a while
Smvss.exe - used by worms
Spoolsv.exe - manages spooled print/fax jobs on background (may be worm)
Ssmmngr.exe - Samsung printer monitor
Strgsync.exe - SimpleTech Inc's StorageSync backup software - backs up a PC, or selected files < not critical
taskmgr.exe - task manager tool
WLIDSVC.exe - Windows Live ID Service, saves multiple Live ID accts
WLIDSVCM.exe - similar to WLIDSVC
Wmpnetwk.exe - Windows Media Player 11 network sharing svc
Wmpnscfg.exe - Windows Media Player 11 network sharing svc config

___________________ Start Up _______________________________
Configuration Tool

There are a host of applications that run when you start up your computer.
Some of these are crucial Windows applications, while others are applications you've installed in your computer, which you've allowed to run every time you boot your computer. For Windows XP and newer Windows operating systems, the Microsoft configuration tool allows you to see and edit which services run during startup.

To launch this tool:
- go to your "Start Menu" and click "Run"
- type "msconfig" (without the quotes) and hit "Enter".
- go to the "Startup" tab and it will show you all the services that are loaded during startup.
- check or uncheck which services should run during startup.

Unchecking an application means that the next time you startup your computer, the application will not load.

This is useful for making your computer load faster when you boot.

I disabled for XP:

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