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Mark Nestmann, "The Lifeboat Strategy"

If You're a Citizen, You're a Suspect

You're a target because you fit at least one profile that courts throughout the USA have confirmed give the government the authority to search and seize your property.
If you fit ANY of the profiles below, get ready to turn out your pockets, because you could be next:

Having a pale complexion.
Having a dark complexion.
Having a Hispanic appearance.
Acting nervous.
Acting calm.
Carrying $100 bills.
Carrying $50 bills.
Carrying $20 bills.
Carrying $10 bills.
Carrying $5 bills.
Wearing perfume.
Having window covering that hinders someone from peering inside a residence.
Owning a dog.
Driving a rental car.
Driving with an unfolded road map.
Having fast food bags on a car floor.
Scrupulous obedience to traffic laws.
Flying to or from any city.
Buying a one-way ticket.
Buying a round trip ticket.
Buying a first class ticket.
Flying nonstop.
Changing planes.
Having no luggage.
Using a telephone soon after leaving an airplane.
Walking quickly.
Walking slowly.
Looking at a police officer.
Not looking at a police officer.
Looking around at other people


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