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Ходжа Н.

Из переписки с проф. Фрэнклином Льюисом: "Shayak"

Dear Prof. Lewis,

the question is about the Rumi's ghazal # 0236, translated in English by you.
There is the following line in it:
"the fruitful scattering of joy of the children of the Shayak..."

I tried to find out what does the word "Shayak" mean, but failed.
All the meaningful refs are pointing to a small tributary of the Hindus river.
Would you, please, kindly help me?
Regards, Sergey

Dear Sergey Sechiv:

I have translated this line as children of the Shaykh, but I don't know where you have seen it with this typo?

Sincerely, Franklin Lewis
Dear Prof. Lewis,

1. thank you for the quick reply!
2. Here are 231 websites, where the Shayak typo is manifested:

I guess, people are reading in between lines and getting Rumi's blessings regardless of such intermediaries as words & translators.
Regards, Sergey

Thank you for pointing this out.

I was unaware that the poem has so entered the public domain - without my or my publisher's knowledge.
I wish that, at least, people who do that sort of thing would think a bit about what they are doing.
Did it not occur to anyone to take the time to read and understand what the meaning was, before posting it on their websites?
I certainly hope that people are not reading the poem in that form in wedding ceremonies!
If they had simply checked the book before posting, it would have easily been understood and corrected.
It shows that these internet posting have all probably been derived from a single source online.

yrs, Franklin Lewis
You are welcome!

To amuse you: I've translated from English into Russian "The Essential Rumi" by Coleman Barks back in 2006.
(I'm not a professional translator, that is just a hobby, and I'm not fluent in any of the 6 languages Rume used to write his verses.
But neither is prof. Barks & the gazillion of other Rumi "translators").

I learned, that besides very few real translators, like yourself, prof. Chittick, late prof. Schimmel, Dr. Gamard and native Iranians,
literally - hundreds - of other so called "English translators" don't give a rat's ass for the true meaning of Rumi's text.

I've heard sayings: "the murkier, the better"
Regards, Sergey

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