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Гитлер оказался холуём и тыловой крысой Первой Мировой

Previously unpublished letters from veterans of Hitler's regiment have challenged the Nazi portrayal

- They confront long-held views on Hitler’s brave war record
- revealing that front soldiers shunned him as a “rear area pig” several kilometres from danger
- The letters and a diary also disclose that List men regarded him as an impractical object of ridicule
- joking about his starving in a canned food factory
- unable to open a can with a bayonet
- They referred to him as the 'painter' or the 'artist' and
- noticed that he did not indulge in their favourite pastimes – letter-writing or drinking
- but was often seen with a political book in his hand or painting
- He was also particularly submissive to his superiors


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