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Письменность изобрели 40,000 лет назад австралийские негры - самые тупые из гоминидов ?!

The Beginning of Writing and the First Alphabets

- While continuous writing conveying a message started in Syria, Sumer or Highland Iran ca. 3500 BC,
- single symbols, glyphs, marks representing names, places, tracks, gods, etc. are much older
- It all possibly started in Australia, ca. 40-50,000 years ago
- with paintings, rock carvings, chanting and symbols
- representing maps, rituals and divination

Apart from Australia, the 4 earliest major river-valley civilizations

- represent the earliest symbols and writing from 4th millennium BC onward


BONUS: научно доказана неаутентичность иудаизьма

- Найден текст 5 из 10 заповедей "Моисеевых"
- написанный на шумерском языке ок. 2600 года
- заповеди 3, 6, 7-9


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