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High IQ Intelligence tests

Intelligence tests

For over 60 years psychologists such as Leta Stetter Hollingworth, author of the book "Children Above 180 IQ", have suggested that people with extremely high IQs are radically different from the general population. Identifying such people would require IQ tests with reliability not currently available for extreme ranges of IQ.[12]

Hoeflin attempted, along with Kevin Langdon, to develop an IQ test that could measure adult IQs greater than 3 standard deviations from the norm, or IQ 145 (sd 15). "Hoeflin's Mega Test" was an untimed and unsupervised IQ test consisting of 48 questions, half verbal and half mathematical. It was published in Omni magazine in April 1985 and the results were used to norm the test. Hoeflin renormed the test 6 times, using equipercentile equating with SAT and other scores, and some extrapolation at the highest level.[13]
The highest scorers on the Mega Test had their names printed in the Guinness Book of World Records [14] and were also profiled (along with Hoeflin) by Esquire under the title "The Smartest Man in America".[15] The Guinness book of World Records has since retired the category of "highest IQ" after concluding that IQ tests are not reliable enough to designate a single world record holder.[16] One such scorer, Marilyn vos Savant, was also profiled in Baumgold, Julie (February 6, 1989). "In the Kingdom of the Brain". New York magazine. This article also discusses Hoeflin and the "Mega Society"[17] (The author of the Esquire article, Mike Sager, later used it as part of a book.[18]) The "Mega Test" has been severely criticized by professional reviewers of psychological tests.[3]

In 1990, Hoeflin created the "Titan Test", also published in Omni.

Believing that people at the highest IQ levels would be able easily to communicate with each other and have much in common, Hoeflin founded several societies for those with the highest scores.[19] All are active today. These societies are (along with year founded, percentile, and minimum IQ (sd 16)):

Societies Founded by Ronald Hoeflin

Society . . . . . . . . . Acceptance IQ (SD 16)

Prometheus Society . . . 164
Mega Society . . . . . . 176

The following four groups belong to the Lewis M. Terman Society

Top 1% Society . . . . . 137
1-in-a-1000 Society . . . 150
Epimetheus Society . . . 164
Omega Society . . . . . . 176
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