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Mark Steyn, "Binky Opting Out of 'Non-Opt-Out' Google"

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philosopher Uncle Ben Parker put it, “With great power comes great responsibility.” GoogleCorp likes the former, not the latter.

In an evil move that must concern freespeechers, privacy activists, and anybody who doesn’t like powerful software & websites all up in their bizniss, Google is going to mind your online activities via their sites, and you have no privacy-opt-out choice. GoogleCorp had already slid this modus operandi under the radar with their popular Chrome Browser, assinging individual IDs to users, and recording their online activity. Now, the Google search-engine, Youtube, GMail, AdWords, and the many-tentacled mass of other Google products and sites will all be collecting data on you, personally. Via ComputerWorld:

“What has the blogosphere and some users in an uproar is that Google isn’t offering users an opt-out option. If you don’t want your information from Gmail, YouTube and Google searches combined into one personal data store that can paint a detailed picture of you, the only option is to stop using Google’s services.”

It all starts March 1st.

Already Evilling

GoogleCorp is a corporation with inappropriate & cosy ties to the radical Obama administration; it has in the past helped with the Great Firewall of China (blocking traffic & content into & out of China); Google Earth data-catching was sweeping up passwords, private info, and illegal content; Google Corp has also been fined $500 million by the U.S. Government for criminal activity connected with the online drug market. That is, despite the founders’ motto “Don’t Be Evil”, the temptations of money, political power, and collaboration with repressive regimes has been a sweet, sweet opportunity for evil.

Now, it’s ‘No Opt Out’. Well, if you want to use their products, that is. All freedom-loving Netizens should respond by refusing to use Google (except via anonymizer websites like Scroogle), cancel Gmail (I’m moving over to Yahoo), use SRWare’s spyware-free Chrome-copy Iron browser instead of Chrome (yes, it supports Angry Birds), use Bing or any other engine for searches, and off-dump any browser or desktop-intrusive Google products for free substitutes available everywhere online. And yes, the snooping also includes the new Google+.

But Binky!, You Say

“But Binky,” you say, “you’re an international elf of mystery– we’re just using FaceBook and GMail and sending e-mails and browsing Amazon and eBay and kitten-picture sites. What’s the big?”

The big? One company not only wants to be your gateway to the web, but install itself all over your computer– and watch you. And that’s only what we know about, or what GoogleCorp haven’t been charged and convicted and fined for. Power used irresponsibly is a great evil, but even greater is the indifference to such evils, whether here or abroad. Like Van Rompuy the unelected Obergruppenfuhrer of the EU, or rogue-POTUS Mr. Teleprompter in the U.S., such absolute power is not a tool for freedom, or due process, nor does “trust us, we’re the good guys” relieve us of vigilance and responsibility for our generation, and generations to come.

In some Anglican parishes, I sometimes met old conservative folks who loved the non-radicalized Bok of Common Prayer, but who missed the point when they said “I just want it around long enough to get my funeral properly done.” Hmm. ‘Well, thanks’, I thought to myself, ‘and too darned bad for the rest of us, is it?’

Muzzling The World

Google or SOPA & PIPA or the even worse international ACTA treaty are part of the wars by national and world establishments not just to curb alleged ‘piracy’ (we need digital content licenses, NOW), but to curb the very unpredictable, fast, and democracy-enabling flow of ideas, information, commentary, and activism (the good sort) which the web enabled in the mid-1990s.

Slaving the web? “Put the genie back in the bottle, he’s messing up our masterplans and skewing the official narrative.” Don’t confuse our would-be masters with the facts.

Imagine if something like the internet had been around in the 1930s. No Hitler. Imagine what Obama or the EUcracy would be like if ther were no internet today– or one that only gave us games, advertisments, and highly santitized pre-web-style network “news” tidbits, with little right of swift fact-checking fisk-making responds and the rest of the story?

GoogleCorp stands over the digital world like Big Brother, and should toatalitarian times arrive, they’ve already cheerfully cooperated with repression and web-crippling in the past. What’s to stop them from going 1984 all over us and the world? Little or next to nothing, if everybody just shrugs.

Replacing GoogleCorp

Don’t use the GOOGLE search engine directly. Use Scroogle. Or Bing.com. Try anonymized search-engines.

Don’t use Chrome– use the free Firefox or SRWare Iron if you like Chrome features & functionality, but don’t want Google watching you. It even has an anonymous surf mode.

Uninstall all the Google desktop ‘Freeware’, and find online alternatives.

Get rid of Gmail, unless only for innocuous stuff, and use Yahoo, or onboard MS-Outlook, or FireFox/ Thunderbird e-mail clients on your computer. Online mail is easy, but it’s very hackable, and in the case of Google after March 1st, very trackable and snoopable.

ITYS, Folks

The new Google No Opt-Out policy? Take back your freedom, and opt-out from Google like Binks is doing.

The future depends on it.


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