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Кириллические ассоциации :)

About Cirilla's

Welcome to Cirilla’s! We offer a fun and upscale environment where men and women feel comfortable shopping. Whether you are browsing for yourself or for a gift, our stores are set up to be convenient and easy to shop. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff wants to help you create the perfect evening.

stores offer a wide variety of products designed to enhance and keep the fun in your love life.

We offer ‘lingerie’ (sizes sm-3x), ‘intimate toys’, ‘games’, ‘lotions and oils’, and so much more. Cirilla’s, established in 1992, is a fun and unique store that is continually growing and devoted to our customers needs. As a company, we are committed to excellent customer service in a fun and friendly environment. At Cirilla’s, we understand and appreciate your desire for a fun and inviting environment, and we are here to serve you. Our product selection is continually adapting to meet the growing demands of our customers. Every Cirilla’s location receives regular shipments of new products to keep the selection new and appealing for our customers.

Store Locations & Hours

Cirilla’s has retail locations in Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio and Tennessee: http://www.cirillas.com/page.cfm/locations.html
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