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Bill Whitcomb, "The Magician's Companion", 1993

The Magician's Companion categorizes and cross-references the major magical symbol systems of the world, allowing the modern student to:
- compare the structure of these systems and
- examine the methods of their use.
A magical symbol system is one that describes an integrated and whole world view on both inner and outer levels.

The Magician's Companion presents these systems or models in numerical order, each model being listed by the number of symbols that comprise it.
This comprehensive book discusses and compares over 35 magical models, ranging:
- from Model 0 (concerning nothingness)
- to Model 91 (a description of the Enochian watchtowers and the 91 Enochian subaethyrs).
Key-words: throne, gemini, zodiac, 7-th heaven, трон, близнецы, зодиак, 7-е небо
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