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Санаи, "Ограждённый Сад Истины"

First Kindle Edition of The Enclosed Garden of the Truth, translated by Major J. Stephenson.

From Preface

Several years ago, on looking up the literature pertaining to the earlier Sufi poets of Persia, I found that there was no European edition or translation, nor even any extended account of the contents of any of the works of Sana’i. Considering the reputation of this author, and the importance of his writings for the history of Sufiism, the omission was remarkable; and I was encouraged by Dr. E.D. Ross, Principal of the Calcutta Madrasah, to do something towards filling up the blank. The present volume is an attempt at a presentation of a part of Sana’i's most famous work, which, it is hoped may serve to give an idea of his manner of thought not only to Oriental scholars, but also to non-Orientalists who may be interested in the mysticism of Persia.

About the Author

Sanai, pseudonym of Abu al-Majd Majdud ibn Adam, also spelled Abul-Majd Majdud ibn Adam (died 1131?, Ghazna [now Ghazni], Afg.), Persian poet, author of the first great mystical poem in the Persian language, whose verse had great influence on Persian and Muslim literature.
He was born at Ghazna, and lived in the reign of Bahramshah (A.H. 512-548, A.D. 1118-1152). Ouseley says of him that he "while yet young became one of the most learned, devout, and excellent men of the age which he adorned. His praise was on every tongue; for, in addition to his accomplishments in the Sufi philosophy, he possessed a kind and benevolent heart, delightful manners, and a fine taste for poetry".
Фрагмент по-русски: http://lib.rus.ec/b/48005/read
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