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Muthallath wine

Another instance is that some of the companions permitted drinking muthallath wine
- that is, the pure wine was boiled down to one third (thulthān) of its bulk
- and drunk, stating that it was held lawful (ḥalāl) this way.
- It is reported in Al-Mabsūṭ, that one of the dignitaries from among the companions did this
- [drank the wine] and was protested;
- and when he was told that fire does not cleanse anything, he responded:
- "O Fool! Isn't the vinegar first wine and then turns vinegar and then we drink it?!"


a Shāfiī may reckon by Ḥanafī law, as regards drinking muthallath [wine

- boiled to a third of the original volume]:
- not punishable for Ḥanafīs

"Islam: Chapter Three: The Law: Fiqh, Sharīa: 6. The Universality of ..."

"wine that has been boiled, until two thirds of it has evaporated

- (muthallath wine)"

"Opium in 9-th century Baghdad"
Bonus: http://thinkthink.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/alcohol-cooked-evaporated-halal-no/
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