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Спасение утопающих детей и женщин - их дело

Men take priority over women & children when it comes to seeking survival. A Swedish study published in PNAS concludes that the British are among the least gentleman-like of all. Although the recent Costa Concordia disaster suggests that also non-British male captains know how to save their skin.

"Despite the widespread notion that women and children have a better chance at surviving a shipwreck because they will be saved first, a new study finds that that's just wishful thinking"
The captain, crew and male passengers are more likely to survive maritime disasters than women and children, finds a new study by economists at Uppsala University in Sweden. When it comes to abandoning ship, 'it appears as if it's every man for himself', said lead researcher Mikael Elinder in a statement."

Tags: выживание, гендер, мужество, спасенье

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