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Rob Aitken, “Ascending towards Death and the Real Unknown”

A Consideration of the Notion of Faná (in the Mathnawi of Jalal al-Din Rumi) and the Apophatic Theology of Dionysius the Areopagite


Introduction: An Intriguing Relation

1. The Final Stages of Mystical Ascent According to Jalál al-Dín Rumi
1.1 The Sufi Notion of Faná (and the related notion of baqá)
1.2 Rumi’s Treatment of Faná in the Mathnawi
1.3 Love Makes the Bread into Spirit

2. The Final Stages of Mystical Ascent According to Pseudo-Dionysius
2.1 Beguiled by Goodness, by Love, and by Yearning
2.2 The Apophatic Theology of Dionysius

3. Comparison and Assessment

4. Conclusion: Reflections on the Quality of Being Similar

3-rd Year, MA History and Philosophy of Religion Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
Tags: rumi, суфизм, теология, уход, христианство
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