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Obama - the Post-American Presidency

Popular conservative blogger Pamela Geller and New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer sound
a wake-up call for Americans to stop the Obama administration from limiting our hard-won freedoms

- silencing our democratic voices, and
- irreparably harming America for generations to come.
- America is being tested in a way that she has never been tested before.
- Since 2009, President Obama has cheered our enemies and demoralized our allies.
- He is hard at work "remaking" America, by:
--- destroying the free-market system and
--- nationalizing major segments of our economy,
--- demonizing dissent and
--- restricting freedom of speech,
--- turning against our longtime friends, and
--- above all, subjecting us to the determinations of foreign authorities.

In this timely and urgent battle cry team up:
- Pamela Geller, founder of the widely popular website www.AtlasShrugs.com, and
- NY Times bestselling author Robert Spencer
to expose the Obama administration’s destructive agenda
- largely ignored by the mainstream media and
- rally Americans to protect the sovereignty of a country
- that is under siege by the highest levels of its own government.

Obama ignores our forefathers’ founding principle: individual rights

- Instead, he seeks to level the playing field
— to transform both the global and national landscape in favor of our enemies
— even if it means cutting America off at the knees
- As Americans see their paychecks shrinking every day
- He envisions himself as more than just a president of the US
- but as a shaper of the new world order,
- an internationalist, energetically laying the groundwork for global government:
- the president of the world.

A vital guide to helping conservatives prepare for the tough battles ahead

- The Post-American Presidency critically examines the Obama administration
- ominous and revealing moves against our basic freedoms,
- particularly as he seizes control of the three engines of the American economy:
--- health care,
--- energy, and
--- education.
- The Shining City on a Hill has gone dark.
- But America is not dead
- The time is NOW to stand up and fight

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