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US Debt: 1. Debt Ceiling & 2. Total Unfunded Debt (Visualized in $100 Bills)

US unfunded liabilities - 122.1 Trillion ($122,100,000,000,000) Dollars
(by Dec 31, 2012)

Above you can see the pillar of cold hard $100 bills that dwarfs the WTC & Empire State Building -
both at one point world's tallest buildings.
If you look carefully you can see the Statue of Liberty.

The 122.1 Trillion dollar super-skyscraper wall is the amount of money the U.S. Government knows it does not have to fully fund the:
- Medicare,
- Medicare,
- Prescription Drug Program,
- Social Security,
- Military and civil servant pensions.

It is the money USA knows it will not have to pay all its bills.
If you live in USA, this is also your personal credit card bill; you are responsible along with everyone else to pay this back. The citizens of USA created the U.S. Government to serve them, this is what the U.S. Government has done, while serving The People.

The unfunded liability is calculated on current tax and funding inputs, and future demographic shifts in US Population.

Note: On the above 122.1T image the size of the bases of the money stacks are $10 billion, and 400 stories @ $4 trillion

"It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world."

-- Thomas Jefferson

"This is when you need to remember that when a nation's economy collapses, the wealth of the nation doesn't disappear, it only changes hands".

Source: Federal Reserve & www.USdebtclock.org - visit it to see the debt in real time and get a better grasp of this amazing number.

Static pix
: http://demonocracy.info/infographics/usa/us_debt/us_debt.html

But in fact, US unfunded liabilities - $222 Trillion Dollars


Everyone needs to see this

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