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How To Determine Your US Social Security Benefit, called Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)

1. Go to the US Social Security Administration (SSA) website: http://www.ssa.gov

2. Click on the link titled “Estimate your Retirement Benefits” on the left side of the page under “Top Services”

3. Scroll down to the blue box that says “Estimate Your Retirement Benefits” and click on it

4. Check the box with the red asterisk next to it that says “I have read the Privacy Act Statement”

5. Click on the “I Agree” box

6. On the "Information We Need" page, enter all your required personal information, that has a red * next to it:
a. First Name
b. Last Name
c. Mother’s Maiden Name (last name only)
d. Social Security Number (SSN)
e. Date of Birth
f. Place of Birth (select state)

7. At the bottom right side of this page, click on “Continue”

8. The next page allows you to view:
- the information you entered & verify that it is correct
- If it all looks good, click “Continue” at the bottom right side of the page

9. The next page will ask you to enter your earnings from last year
- Enter 0, if you did not earn any income. Click “Continue”

10. The next page will show you:
a. the "Full Retirement Age (FRA)" [see FRA definition @ http://www.ssa.gov/retire2/retirechart.htm]
b. the "Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)" that you would receive at FRA, if you claimed benefits at it
c. the PIA amounts you could expect to receive:
c1. at age of 70 and
c2. at your current age

11. In some rare cases, certain taxpayer’s information is not available online
- If this is the case for you, call the SSA at 800-772-1213,
- a SSA rep will provide you with all the information you need
- You may ask them:
--- What are my Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) at the ages of:
--- Full Retirement Age (FRA)?
--- age of 70?
--- my current age?

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