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DHS Finally Responds to Senate Demand for Ammo Info but its Numbers Don’t Pencil Out

Using the prior year’s cost per round of approximately 35 cents, it appears that DHS:
- is adding another 105 million rounds
- on top of the 263 million on hand,
- minus rounds consumed in training and operations this fiscal year.

For Immigration (ICE), DHS claims that 1,000 rounds per firearm per year are necessary for training.
Assuming training of 250 rounds per quarter, this estimate seems reasonable.
... This agency has about 56.9 million rounds for this fiscal year (42.3 million on-hand as of November plus an estimated purchase of 14.68 million this fiscal year). ICE has about 20,000 employees of which 12,446 carry firearms. This DHS agency has also armed itself to the tune of well over 4,000 rounds per gun-toting ICE employee, well over the 1,000 rounds need for annual training and far in excess of any peace-time operational requirements.

Certainly, no one can fault DHS for wanting to make certain that its component agencies have what they need for any constitutionally-prescribed civilian duties. But
- arming them with many times the ammo necessary for current missions serves only to worry civil libertarians, and
- drain the federal treasury, and
- not giving forthright and timely answers to a US Senator can only serve to drive even more speculation as to what these federal agencies are up to.

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