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Safest, cheapest, and easiest way to scare off any home burglar - a really loud horn

Do you know what is the safest, cheapest, and easiest way to scare off just about any home burglar?

- It's not a gun. Or a taser. It's actually much, much safer and simpler than that...
- The source of this technique is a guy named Jack MacLean.
- You see, Jack MacLean went to jail for stealing more than $130 million worth of jewels
- And during his time in jail, he interviewed more than 300 fellow burglars.

What he found was that the #1 thing that would scare off every single one of these 300 burglars

- was not an alarm system... a dog... or light timers... but rather
- a really loud horn.
- Yes, you heard that correctly... a very loud horn.
- Every one of these burglars said if they entered a home and were greeted immediately with an extremely loud horn,
- they would flee immediately... even if they'd already cut the phone lines.

And here's the best part: You can buy 2 incredibly loud air horns for about $20

- I'll show you exactly where to get them... how many decibels you want... and which type to get.
- If you don't believe this technique works, try this:
- After I show you how to get one of these horns, use it the next time someone enters your home, and watch their reaction.
- These horns are incredibly loud, and can be heard a half-mile away over land,
- and a mile away over water.
- Believe me, they will scare away 99% of the people who intend you harm.
- And as I mentioned, using simple and safe techniques, like this, are definitely the preferred way to stop a threat

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