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"America America" (full movie, 1963, director Elia Kazan)

Elia Kazan - Holllywood's greatest director, made this film based on his family's experience under the dhimma (http://www.dhimmitude.org) of the Muslim Turks in interior Anatolia. It is the true story of his Greek uncle Stavros Topouzoglou's struggle to flee Turkey. His family left before the massive ethnic cleansing took place. The Byzantine Greeks fought the Muslims since they reared their ugly head in the 7th century. Sadly, the fight was lost in 1453 when Constantinople, the richest, most prosperous European city, was taken by the jihadist savages.

It is a profoundly moving film. A masterpiece.

This film is the most poignant and realistic portrayal ever by Hollywood of the dhimmi condition. One of the world's leading scholars on Islam, Bat Ye'or, recommends this film as an introduction to the study of dhimmitude for the masses....

Kazan's film was nominated for 3 Academy awards: best director, best picture and best writing, story and screensplay adapted for screen.

"I am a Greek by blood,
a Turk by birth,
and an American
because my uncle made a journey"

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