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Craig's List ad: Tree/Pole Climbing Gaffs by Klein (steel, pair) - $175 (and responses :)


Perfect condition, complete Set w/ Upper Pads, all Straps & Replaceable Gaffs.
Slightly used (1 two-weeks project). New are priced at $327.
Cash only.
See also my other for sale items:
1. Fall Protection Full Body Harness (Allsafe, model 80005) w/ 3' matching lanyard - http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/tls/3907690869.html
2. Twin Shock Absorbing 6' Lanyard by FallTech - http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/tls/3907770961.html

and... RESPONSES (from the SPAM box :)

Rosander Williams
to me

Is your item still available for sale? Sigh...this may possibly be random but you may seem worthwhile in your list. Would like to get coffee sometimes? I'm not a weirdo, just feeling naughty. If you're interested, get in touch with me on my confidential dating profile (it's like facebook for grownups), at no cost to sign up! My pix and my phone # are all on there. After you login, Im going to send you a private message so you'll know it's me. There are too many fakes on here so if you're legit, text me and become buddies and maybe more? It's up to you! All right, I won't hassle you again! To prove that I am a real person, today's date is 7/8/2013.


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Barbar Gascot
to me

You have to read this if you are real and look thru my direction. My pictures and cell phone # are uploaded on my private profile so if you really like what you see then obtain my # and text/call me right away. This is the ONLY way to restrain weirdos and to make certain that you're a reputable man specfically since I want to host at my home. I am not a bot so stop second guessing me. If you think I'm not real then go away. Im a fun babe in bedroom so can I tell you over the phone what Im wanting to find in you rather than wasting my time and writing here. I just hope you're real too! xoxo


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Hronek Layel _
to me

Real hottie here looking for a nice man because I miss having a boyfriend. :( Im always working hard so I don't know where to meet guys anymore so thought I would give this a shot. I hope youre an adult and real because I would feel foolish talking to a little boy lol. well Im on vacation for a week so let me know if you want to get to know each other more! I would feel more relaxed if we could carry on this talk on my profile page tho is that ok? Emailing is boring. Ill buzz you on there - I added soothing pictures and my phone # for you so hurry up. Youll see that Im real after logging in. You won't be dissappointed!


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Hodkinson Billips
Womeldorff Grefe
Lybrand Grefe
Scheibe Grefe
Kimbriel Grefe
Pecore Sanos
Giffen Gurrola
Ewig Golaszewski
Arnell Kamimura

Total - 12

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