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Voo Vodka, a made-in-Michigan product, makes its premiere on store shelves

Fresh from the womb of its family-owned distillery in Temperance — let the irony not be lost about that one — the next big “Imported From Detroit” luxury item, Voo Vodka, is muscling its way onto the top shelf.

Several bars, clubs and local retailers in metro Detroit have already begun carrying or serving the liquor, which prides itself on an 8-time distilling process, whereas other premium vodkas, such as Grey Goose and Belvedere go through the distillery a total of only 5 times.

“Voo Vodka was created with a connoisseur in mind,”
says founder DeCarlos Stewart, the first black owner of any premium vodka label.

Currently available for purchase throughout Michigan and Nevada, Stewart says the product will soon expand to Illinois, Florida, California, New York and Georgia.

Stewart says the product’s name is a derivation of “déjà vu”; the company claims that with one sip the connoisseur will flash back to something great in life. Here’s hoping!

For more information, and to check distribution, see the company’s website, drinkvoo.com.
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