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A different (white) US President (Jefferson)'s response to jihad, 1784

Here's how a previous US President responded to an attack on our consulate in Libya

- This from PBS before it joined the dhimmy
- This is an intersting news segment for the MacNeil-Lehrer Report
- Absolutely stunning, considering the harsh silence on this issue and
- the blacklisting of those of us who speak of it

America was awakened to radical islam and jihad in 1784!

- Over 200 years ago we faced the same enemy we face today,
- they were muslims, that waged war upon ALL non-believers of Islam.
- Watch the whole thing: look it up "The Barbary Wars" / "The Barbary Pirates" /
- "Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates"
- Those, who forget history are doomed to repeat it!

So great was the problem posed by the state-sponsored piracy

- that the Barbary nations are mentioned explicitly in the Treaty of Amity and Commerce,
- a 1778 pact between France and the United States [source: Yale].
- The treaty calls on France to use its diplomatic powers:
--- to protect captured american sailors and
--- persuade the leaders of the Barbary nations to refrain from capturing American ships.
- This treaty was hammered out largely by Benjamin Franklin.
- He served as one of the United States' first diplomats and
- was succeeded as America's ambassador to France by Thomas Jefferson in 1785 [source: National Archives].

The U.S. was deeply allied with France

- because its relations with another superpower -- England -- were shaky at best.
- It was from Paris that Jefferson began a campaign against the Barbary States.
- Jefferson tried to assemble a confederation of nations to take action against the Barbaries.
- His plan failed, however, because it lacked consent from France and England [source: Gawalt].
- He would have to wait until he became president to enjoy enough autonomy to take on the Barbary States.
- In the meantime, the U.S. and Europe continued to pay tribute and lose citizens and goods to the pirates.
- In one case, an American vessel bringing tribute to Algiers
--- was forced to sail on to Constantinople to deliver Algiers' tribute to the king there
--- with the humiliating command to fly the flag of Algiers en route [source: Fremont-Barnes].

Just before Jefferson's inauguration in 1801,

- the pasha (Turkish ruler) of Tripoli released the crew members of two recently captured American ships
- on the condition that the U.S. increase its tribute.
- If America refused, the Barbary States would declare war on the United States.
- Jefferson ordered a naval expedition to the Mediterranean,
- resulting in the First Barbary War (1801-1805).

In the war, Tunis and Algiers broke their alliance with Tripoli

- For four years, the U.S. fought with Tripoli and Morocco.
- The battles were mostly naval, including Lt. Stephen Decatur's daring raid on the Tripoli harbor
- to demolish a captured American ship, removing it from enemy hands.
- But it was on land -- through military action and diplomacy
- that the U.S. won the war with the Barbary States.

Using tactics similar to those of the Green Berets today

- a contingent of American Marines landed in Tripoli
- (which gave rise to the first line in the Marines' anthem)
- and identified groups in opposition to the pasha.
- These opposition groups were amassed into an insurgency
- that threatened the pasha's throne.
- As a result, Tripoli agreed to a treaty
- ending the war in 1805 [source: Gawalt].


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