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Anne Korin, Gal Luft, "Turning Oil Into Salt: Energy Independence Through Fuel Choice"

Throughout history the pursuit of strategic commodities has governed world affairs. Centuries ago salt enjoyed a monopoly over food preservation, and securing access to the white mineral shaped the great empires' international behavior. Today, it is oil that monopolizes our transportation system giving those who control it inordinate power on the world stage.
Breaking the oil cartel and oil's monopoly over transportation fuel is the only way
- bring about energy independence,
- insulate our economy against future oil shocks and
- win the war on radical Islam,

argue two of America's leading energy security advocates Gal Luft and Anne Korin in this book.
Energy independence is not about the amount of oil we use or import; it's about turning oil from a strategic commodity second to none to just another commodity. In an unvarnished and lucid manner Luft and Korin chart a realistic way to do so while addressing the barriers on the road.
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing, ISBN-10: 1439248478, 2009, - 144 p.

Petropoly: The Collapse of America's Energy Security Paradigm

America's energy security paradigm has collapsed. For decades, politicians have been barking up the wrong tree when it comes to oil. Over the last 7 years, domestic oil production has increased, vehicle fuel efficiency has increased, oil imports have decreased, and yet the amount Americans spend on oil imports - not just per barrel but in total - has skyrocketed.
- We drill more,
- we use less, and yet
- we spend more.

In the wake of the Arab Spring, we can expect OPEC to keep turning the screws to drive prices higher.
On the bright side, a revolution in extraction technologies has opened the door to unconventional natural gas.
There's a light at the end of the tunnel, but only if we wake up, wise up, and send a message to Washington to shift gears from pork laden no-lobbyist-left-behind energy bills to Teddy Roosevelt style trust-busting.
In a no-holds barred, fast paced, information packed sequel to "Turning Oil into Salt", Gal Luft and Anne Korin spell out the pitfalls of an oil market dominated by a cartel and sketch a clear blueprint for getting America out from under its thumb.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN-10: 1478324864, 2012, - 182 p.
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