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Ходжа Н.

What does the "InterWorld" look like?


Pill bottles that "call" doctors to say that they haven't been opened that morning -- letting you know right away that an elderly loved one has forgotten to take their medicine.

Clothing that "senses" changes in your body, so that you can spot potential problems -- and get to a doctor -- at the very earliest stages.


Offices that "monitor" when the last employee has left the building, and manage power usage (and time sheets!) accordingly.

Factories that "know" when a product is being manufactured improperly, and shut down production immediately to avoid further capital losses.

Vending machines that "track" which items are most in-demand, and "call" their suppliers before those items run out.

Public Safety

Roads that "warn" commuters about icy conditions by automatically sending out alerts to all cars in a five-mile radius.

Bridges that "measure" how worn out their suspension cables are, so that engineers can start maintenance well in advance of any real accidents.


Milk cartons that "read" finger-prints...so that terrorists get caught when they go to the convenience store.

Door knobs that "report" when a stranger has been fiddling with them, making it easier to prevent robberies before they happen.
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