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Nextdoor - Neighborhood Network

Our society offers few opportunities to interact with neighbors.

Quick: what are the last names of the families that live two homes up from your home on each side?
And two families across the street?
You see the problem.

Now there is a partial solution. It's called Nextdoor.
(There is another one, called "Next Door". It deals with family violence. It's also a good organization.)

is a social media site that lets people in the same neighborhood interact.

I like the idea of sharing security information that would otherwise be lost on the street where you live.
Here is a newspaper article on how it works:

It would be easy to print out a sheet about it, and hand it to neighbors. Or just stick it in their mailboxes.
About: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nextdoor
Sign up: https://nextdoor.com/
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