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English idiom: "Give the boot"

"give someone the boot"

(transitive, idiomatic, UK, informal) "To fire, to sack, to dismiss".
- I am sorry for your husband and children, but I have to give you the boot.
- They said I couldn't do the job, so they gave me the boot. So, now I'm looking for work again.

Synonyms: "lay_off"


An early 20th-century illustration of an university faculty member being "given the boot", slang for a form of involuntary termination

"Faculty Foot"
: illustration for a piece of verse in 1909 "Tyee" (yearbook of the University of Washington).
The book dated 1908-09, so no later than that date. Photographed from a copy at Seattle Public Library.

Навеяло этим
: http://sturman-george.livejournal.com/237393.html
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