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Ходжа Н.

Steps to Protect Your Identity

1. Place your personal information
- accounts
- car registration and
- other details
under a difficult-to-trace assumed name entity:
- limited liability company (LLC)
- trust
- family foundation or other legal vehicle
The State of Delaware has especially strong privacy for beneficial owners of legal entities
- There are several online Delaware incorporation services

2. Use a remailer or anonymous mail drop service

- for mail and other deliveries

3. Provide impersonal or even false information - wherever possible - when signing up for online services

- e.g., there’s no reason you can’t provide a pseudonym, when registering an online shopping account
- make payments via a credit card registered under an LLC
- have your purchases delivered to a mail drop

4. Use a privacy-protecting encrypted browser

- such as TOR,
- so, nobody can easily learn, where you are, when you go online

5. Consider avoiding any company, that has questionable security practices
- such as Target and Neiman Marcus
- and has experienced data breaches in the past

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