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This Wealth Management Site Created for the 99%

Maybe you haven't quite hit the 6-figure salary bracket just yet but you've got a retirement plan and set up a brokerage account.
Hiring a financial advisor to track it all might be out of your price range, but with new sites like Future Advisor(http://www.futureadvisor.com), you might not have to.

The main web application, which launched last week, is completely free to consumers and works much like other wealth management tools.

Link every account tied to your wallet and let the site untangle the mess–from figuring out exactly how much you're paying in brokerage fees to honing in on which of your funds aren't doing that hot (see photo below).

"(We're like) the other half of Mint.com"
(http://www.businessinsider.com/mintcom-uses-big-data-to-track-consumer-spending-2013-7) said Bo Lu, cofounder.
"We watch over money that enters the long-term investment pool and in the same way, we make it easier than maintaining a spreadsheet."

Taking into account your age, risk tolerance and overall investments, the site analyzes your portfolio and alerts you when its time to shake things up.

Most of FutureAdvisor's user base won't need to go any further than that, but if your portfolio's a bit more complex and you need additional guidance, you can sign up for one of two flat fee-based plans:

The $49/yr "Gold Plan" gets you call time with a live advisor and 24/7 portfolio monitoring, or the $195 "Platinum" plan, which gives you face-time and unlimited video calls with an advisor.

"Our rates are flat and they don't depend on how much money you have," Lu added. "We give advice for free. You don't have to give us your money, we don't invest it for you, and we don't take a percentage (of your assets)." They also don't work on commission.

Lu launched the site to help friends who couldn't afford advisors but still wanted to be sure they were on the right financial track.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/investment-tips-for-the-99-2012-3
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