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Dormant & Seized Bank Accounts

If you forget to do a transaction in a bank account for a year, the state may confiscate your money. Good luck on getting it back.
The account is called a "dormant account." And it's also fair game for the tax man.

Have you checked the time in your state for an account to be declared dormant?
Do. Soon.

Here are 2 savvy advises on dormant bank & card accounts:
1. "The key to prevent dormant issue, especially in this day of electronic banking and
automatic payments is -
to set up an automatic deposit of say $10.00 every 6 months to each of your accounts from your main active bank account.
This should forestall any issues, and won't even cost you a stamp.

2. "Similarly, if you don't use a credit card, they may -
close it after a period of time, which may affect your credit score.
Therefore - charge a tank of gas on each of my inactive cards every year just in case."

Don't let the state do this to you.
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