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7 Steps You Need to Take to Protect Yourself & Prosper During the Coming Economic Meltdown

... spreading your political risk beyond a single jurisdiction is the single most important thing he can recommend today.

In short, internationalization is important because it frees you from absolute dependence on any one country. Achieve that freedom, and it becomes very difficult for any country's government to control you.

While diversifying political risk is something that everyone in the world should strive to achieve, it goes double for those who live under a government that is sinking ever deeper into fiscal trouble (read: most Western governments).

So let me tell you about the seven best ways to truly diversify your assets and yourself that you'll find in our 135-page GOING GLOBAL 2014 report.

Here's a brief overview of what you'll discover in this timely guidebook:

1. How and Where to Set Up a Foreign Bank Account Outside the US.
(Yes, it’s still possible, but time may be running short).

2. Where to Buy and Store Gold Internationally
Crooked vs. honest dealers and how to recognize them. Storing your metal: the safest jurisdictions in the world.

3. Internationalizing Yourself
Having a second passport or a bolt hole in another country is a great benefit - we’ll tell you how and where to get one, and how to go about buying foreign real estate. Also in this section: the 12 most popular countries to move to.

4. Outsourcing Your IRA
Gain more money and freedom by opening up a "self-directed" IRA; how forming an offshore LLC or a foreign trust can splendidly work in your favor.

5. Foreign Annuities and Life Insurance Policies
A safe way to diversify your assets internationally–with all the perks of domestic products, including tax deferral and tax-free withdrawals.

6. Foreign Stocks and Funds
How to assemble a portfolio that can really protect you... stocks, funds, and some other investments your bank account will love.

7. How to Properly Diversify with Currencies
The top five foreign currencies to root for... and the #1 secret most investors never even consider (but should).
❝The days of automatically having the odds in your favor, simply because you were born an American, are coming to an end, rapidly.❞
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