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Hawaii Says A’ole to Big Government

By Jocelynn Smith, Managing Editor

The movement for sovereignty and freedom is gaining more voices each day
- Scotland’s push for independence from the United Kingdom has been gaining traction and citizens are set to vote in September.
- Venice and other eastern territories in Italy are also arguing for their freedom.
- And Catalonia is trying to secede from Spain.
- (+ Kosova + Crimea + Novorossia + etc.)

Even within the United States, counties in
- California,
- Colorado and
- elsewhere

are signing petitions and voting for the right to form their own states.

And now the voices of Native Hawaiians have been lifted
- in a series of public meetings;
- held across the islands by the Department of the Interior.
- The Federal Government is considering how best to establish a government-to-government dialog with Native Hawaiians.
- This includes creating a structure similar to those, meant to accommodate the Native American tribes.

The U.S. government has asked 5 questions
1. Should the Secretary of the Interior propose an administrative rule to help reestablish a government-to-government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community?
2. Should the Secretary assist the Native Hawaiian community in reorganizing its government, in an effort to reestablish a government-to-government relationship?
3. What process should be established for drafting and ratifying a reorganized Native Hawaiian government’s constitution or other governing documents?
4. Should the Secretary instead rely on the reorganization of a Native Hawaiian government through a process established by the Native Hawaiian community and facilitated by the State of Hawaii, to the extent such a process is consistent with Federal law?
5. If so, what conditions should the Secretary establish as prerequisites to Federal acknowledgment of a government-to-government relationship with the reorganized Native Hawaiian government?

After 2 weeks of meetings across the Hawaiian Islands,
the people have given a resounding No! to all 5 questions.

The Native Hawaiian people wish for:
- the right of self-determination;
- They want sovereignty over themselves,
- not as a byproduct of overarching government.

Can you blame them?
- Would you trust the same government that overthrew your own government,
- tossing aside your constitution?
- Would you trust a government that has a long history of stealing land,
- breaking treaties and
- leaving other indigenous peoples in disarray and ruin?
- Would you trust this government to have your best interest in mind?

The United States government has:
- accumulated trillions in debt,
- spied on its citizens,
- stolen their wealth, and
- is now holding everything in place through the paramilitary tactics of its police force.
- Big government is concerned with protecting only itself, not the people.

Around the globe, various groups have figured this out.

Which means it’s time to make plans to protect your own sovereignty.


Jocelynn Smith
Managing Editor, Sovereign Investor Daily
Tags: американа, кризис, политолухия

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