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The More People Are Exposed To Socialism, The Worse They Behave

"UNDER capitalism", ran the old Soviet-era joke, "man exploits man. Under communism it is just the opposite."
In fact new research suggests that the Soviet system inspired not just sarcasm but cheating too: in East Germany, at least, communism appears to have inculcated moral laxity.

Lars Hornuf of the University of Munich and Dan Ariely, Ximena García-Rada and Heather Mann of Duke University ran an experiment last year:
- to test Germans' willingness to lie for personal gain;
- some 250 Berliners were randomly selected to take part in a game, where they could win up to €6 ($8).
- the game was simple enough;
- each participant was asked to throw a die 40 times and record each roll on a piece of paper;
- a higher overall tally earned a bigger payoff;
- before each roll, players had to commit themselves to write down the number that was on either the top or the bottom side of the die;
- however, they did not have to tell anyone - which side they had chosen, which made it easy to cheat
- by rolling the die first and then pretending that they had selected the side with the highest number;
- If they picked the top and then rolled a 2, for example, they would have an incentive to claim -- falsely --
that they had chosen the bottom, which would be a five.
- honest participants would be expected to roll 1, 2 and 3 as often as 4, 5 and 6.
- but that did not happen: the sheets handed in had a suspiciously large share of high numbers, suggesting many players had cheated.

After finishing the game, the players had to fill in a form
that asked:
- their age and
- the part of Germany where they had lived in different decades.

The authors found
that, on average:
- those who had East German roots cheated twice as much as
- those who had grown up in West Germany under capitalism.
- they also looked at how much time people had spent in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall;
- the longer the participants had been exposed to socialism,
- the greater the likelihood that they would claim improbable numbers of high rolls.

The study reveals nothing about the NATURE of the link between socialism and dishonesty
- it might be a function of the relative poverty of East Germans, for example;
- all the same, when it comes to ethics, a capitalist upbringing appears to trump a socialist one.

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