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Ходжа Н.

now is a perfect time to invest in Russia

The bottom line is that:
- a nation willing to sacrifice 20% of its population,
- its western frontiers, and
- its towns and cities

to resist invasion from the West is unlikely to flinch at financial and investment sanctions.

The bulk of Russia’s population is:
- behind Putin, or at least
- skeptical of the West,
- which it rightly sees as hypocritical, vacillating and weak.

From that, I draw 2 conclusions:
1. For those, who have the stomach for it, now is a perfect time to invest in Russia:
- prices are low and
- the ruble is cheap;
- right or wrong, Russia will survive this episode and life will return;
- there is potential for great returns over the medium term;
- that may seem callous, but it is true nonetheless.

2. Be careful on whom you depend:
- Europe cannot strike at Russia without slitting its own throat
- their fortunes are intertwined;
- don’t be like Europe;
- think ahead and make sure your money, investments and property aren’t locked in one country or currency;
- diversify … and always have a back-up plan.

Kind regards,

Ted Baumann
Offshore and Asset Protection Editor

Tags: investment, stock, американа, политолухия, предсказанье, экономика

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