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How the CIA Controls Foreign Media

This is an old story, but most people are unaware of it

- If they control foreign media, there is an outside possibility that they control big chunks of it inside the USA
- Members of the German media are paid by the CIA in return for spinning the news in a way that supports US interests
- and some German outlets are nothing more than PR appendages of NATO,
- according to a new book by Udo Ulfkotte

Ulfkotte is a serious mainstream journalist

- a former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest newspapers
- Here he is on Germany’s leading political talk show a couple of years ago

- The book is a sensation in Germany, #7 on the bestseller list
- Its political dynamite, coming on the heels of German outrage of NSA tapping of their phones
- Check out the RT.com story on it in the video below.

Here at Russia Insider, it has long been apparent to us that

- there is something distinctly odd about the German media regarding Russia
- We follow it, and it is much more strident than even the anglo-saxon media regarding Russia,
- while German public opinion is much more positive towards Russia than in other countries.

Another interesting thing about it is that it is very disparate

- Some major voices are very reasonable about Russia
- but most are negative, and some are comically apocalyptic
- This is what one would expect, if there was some financial influence ginning the system.

We’ve been talking about this for a while now

- German public opinion is becoming more and more fed up
- with the what they increasingly believe to be a rigged media
- and its starting to come out everywhere

The allegations, while shocking, are consistent with the CIA’s long and well-established history of media infiltration

- Operation Mockingbird, which began in the 1950’s, was a secret CIA operation
- which recruited journalists to serve as mouthpieces for the American government
- The program was officially terminated after it was exposed by the famous Church Committee investigations,
- but evidence of ongoing CIA influence over the media continues to accumulate

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