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Putin just made his move: Russia has begun dumping U.S. dollars

Dear Concerned American,

This is a quickly developing story that you need to see. It's being reported that under the direct order of President Vladimir Putin, Russia has begun dumping U.S. dollars.

Over the last few days the amount has added up to an estimated $2 billion. However, new details are emerging that suggest this direct attack on our currency may quickly escalate.

Putin has been taking a series of calculated measures to expose weak spots in our economy and national security that pre-date his Crimean invasion.

But according to this must-read story, what he's now setting in motion could bankrupt millions of Americans virtually overnight.

Stay Safe,

Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

Details: http://pro.moneymappress.com/MMRBSSH39PPM3/LMMRQB90/?h=true
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