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Prepare for the Next Polar Vortex

Overall, this winter will be similar to last winter, but not quite as brutal.
Looking at my charts, I see:
- 10 large storm systems sweeping the country between now and the end of February,
- at least 2 storms to dump 20 inches of snow from Virginia to Maine between Christmas and the first day of spring.
- 1 between Christmas and New Year’s,

- there will be storms that impact large swaths of the country,
- while smaller storm systems will be sprinkled in between,
- the coldest regions of the Polar Vortex will impact the eastern half of the country 5 times this winter,
- the coldest of the air will be 20 to 30 degrees chillier than normal.

While you’re bundling up for the return of cold temperatures, don’t forget to prepare your portfolio to take advantage of the impact of colder weather on companies.
Chris Orr, Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Tags: американа, зима, погода, предсказанье
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