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Older Drivers, Elderly Driving, Seniors at the Wheel

A NHTSA study of 1995 FARS (Fatal Accident Reporting System) reports that elderly drivers (older than 70) accounted for:
- 5% of all people injured in traffic crashes
- 13% of all traffic fatalities
- 13% of all vehicle occupant fatalities
- 18% of all pedestrian fatalities

In a 1997
NHTSA study "Traffic Safety Facts 1997: Older Population", elderly:
- made up 9% of the population, but
- accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities and
- 17% of all pedestrian fatalities.
- more than 24 million people in the United States were older than 70.
- 9% of the population, the 70-and-older age group grew 2.1 times faster from 1987 to 1997 than the total population.
- in 1986 older drivers were 7% of licensed drivers;
- in 1996 they were 19% of licensed drivers.
- Of traffic fatalities involving older drivers, happened:
--- 82% in the daytime,
--- 71% on weekdays, and
--- 75% involved a second vehicle.
- When a crash involved an older driver and a younger driver, the older driver was 3 times as likely as the younger driver to be the one struck. Moreover,
- 28% of crash-involved older drivers were turning left, when they were struck -- 7 times more often than younger drivers were struck while making left turns.
- Older drivers involved in fatal crashes and fatally injured older pedestrians claimed the lowest proportion of intoxication -- defined as a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 grams per deciliter or higher.
- only 55% of adult vehicle occupants (ages 18 to 69) involved in fatal crashes were using restraints at the time of the crash,
- but 70% of fatal - crash-involved older occupants were using restraints.
- On the basis of estimated annual travel, the fatality rate for drivers 85 and over is 9 times as high as the rate for drivers 25 through 69 years old.


Winter Driving
: http://www.rmiia.org/auto/traffic_safety/Winter_Driving.asp
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