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41 state secession movements – to split up and form new states - in last 5 years

"The New Republic" reports these movements could lead to, "The 61 States of America".

And "The Washington Post" writes that if all of these movements succeed, we'll have "The 124 States of America"

In Colorado, there's the 51-st State Initiative to create a new state for rural areas of the state called North Colorado.

Fed-up citizens in southern Arizona want to start Baja Arizona.

Folks in Maine want to split in two to form Northern Massachusetts.

There's a movement in rural Maryland to create a state called Western Maryland.

Western New York is sick and tired of Manhattan's oversize impact on the state and it has long wanted out.

And let's not forget Initiative 13-0063 in California.
Filed by Silicon Valley billionaire venture capitalist Timothy Draper.
Draper is best known as an investor who contributed to the development of Skype, Baidu, Overture, and Hotmail.
Now he's leading a very smart – and entirely necessary - effort to redraw the boundaries of California.

His Initiative, also known as the "6 Californias" Initiative, is an effort by Draper to divide California into 6 new states to better reflect regional differences within the state.
They'd be called:
North California
Silicon Valley
Central California
West California
South California

He's doing this because California has the most dysfunctional collection of politicians in America.
And that dysfunction is precisely because California is too big… too unwieldy for lawmakers to make sense of the place when it comes to legislation.
Draper's plan will create smaller, more manageable states that are more responsive to local needs in the local economy.
Since last December, when he filed with the state of California to get the "6 Californias" Initiative on the ballot…
Over 1.3 million Californians have signed the petition to make this a reality.
Now, the Secretary of State found reason to question some of those 1.3 million signatures Draper collected, and that could delay the measure from making the ballot until November 7, 2017.

Still, if voters see what Draper sees and decide that California makes no sense in its current configurations, then it goes to Congress to decide whether to allow California to divide into the six proposed states.
The fact that this movement could make it to Congress…
And that over one million Californians signed a petition to make this happen...
It is significant.

Is California splitting apart the proverbial tipping point we need to prepare for?

Of course it will disrupt California's municipal and state governments… and there will even be a major impact on the U.S. economy.
But this isn't what worries me about the future of our country.
Ballot measures for a state to split into 2 or 3 or 6 doesn't necessarily worry me.
It's inevitable.

Our real problem as a nation begins when you see a ballot that asks:

When this happens…
It will be the greatest - and most shocking - event in U.S. history.
The one event most Americans will not even be able to imagine, let alone believe, is the one where
we end up with fewer stars on our flag.
It will mark the break-up of our federation.

Yes, sadly, that's the direction we are headed.
And the reality of this happening is far greater than most Americans want to believe.
Many Americans have already started to march in this direction, actually.

The idea of leaving behind a failing government and its failing policies resonates deeply in America today.

"Time Magazine" and "Reuters" recently reported that 25% of Americans want to secede from the U.S.

But recent events lead me to believe that states will begin seceding from the union.

In May, the Republican Party of Wisconsin pursued that state's right to secede from the union.
One of the delegates, a guy named Don Hilbig, said:
"There is no more burning question than our sovereign rights as a state… secession is a critical part of that."

While it didn't pass this time, the fact that a vote on secession actually made its way to the Wisconsin GOP convention is huge.
But Wisconsin is just one ripple in a larger wave.

There was a petition this spring in Alaska to secede back to Russia that garnered the support of over 30,000 signatures!
Seriously – think about that: life and government have degraded to such a degree that 30,000 people see a better future in Russia!

In Vermont there's an effort to create a new nation called the Second Vermont Republic…

In Texas, several movements are urging citizens to get the Lone Star state to secede from America and become its own nation.

No doubt, some of these movements are more serious than others… but the sheer volume tells me that a growing number of Americans are increasingly frustrated by Big Government at the federal, state and municipal level.
They are starting to push America away from "Big Government"… toward smaller, more sensible governments.

They want Washington to know that:
- If you want to tax and spend like crazy…
- If you want to leech off the productive and give to the lazy and unmotivated…
- If you feel the need to spy on everyone all the time and dictate what I can put in my body
then we want to get the heck out of here.


List of U.S. state partition proposals
: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._state_partition_proposals
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