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Regular sex is ‘a miracle cure’

Regular exercise like having sex and dancing are ‘miracle cures staring us in the face’
, leading doctors have said.
Some of the country’s top medical professionals at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
examined existing evidence into the benefits of exercise, as part of a new review for the NHS.

And doctors concluded that:
- 30 minutes of exercise
– including sex, walking and dancing
– performed 5 times per week
- would dramatically lower our risk of contracting: cancer, dementia, heart disease and diabetes.

The risk of getting the following diseases would be slashed by up to
- heart disease - 40%,
- stroke and dementia - 30%,
- breast cancer - 25%,
- bowel cancer rates - nearly 50%

the report found.

The report said that getting Britons to exercise for just 2.5 hours total per week could save the NHS billions each year.

детство британских учоных

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