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невручаемые награды за перемоги Гитлера

Stalingrad Shield

During the battle for Stalingrad, Hitler ordered the creation of a battle shield:
- 1-st design, featuring a German soldier lying dead in front of the grain elevators
--- where heaving fighting had taken place, was rejected as too depressing
- 2-nd version, eliminated the soldier and substituted the Volga River,
--- but was never instituted or produced for obvious reasons

The Stalingrad shield shown here is purely imaginary

- and was first produced in England, in 1979, from rusted metal,
- in an apparent effort to deceive unwary collectors
- The design is taken from a shoulder board device, known as the Stalingrad Cross.

It features
- a riveted cross puttee,
- with a German eagle and swastika, as well as
- a scroll with the name Stalingrad, superimposed,
- Flanking the upper arm of the cross are the dates 1942 and 1943.

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