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"The Prophet Is You" - is the future of spirituality

It is about what comes after yoga

- It is a guidebook for the "Yoga Generation."
- "The Prophet Is You" is a unique and high voltage template for our time for reaching the highest levels of self-awareness.
- "The Prophet Is You" includes controversial essays and new thoughts on the future of spirituality plus
- quotes and poetry mixed with original photography.
- "The Prophet Is You" is a beacon of truth and high-wisdom in an ocean of misinformation and half-truths.
- It will cut through centuries old haze of wrong teachings and agenda-driven doctrines.
- "The Prophet Is You" is sharing of revelations and transmissions on the highest levels of spirituality and
- clarifying misunderstood teachings of the past, mixed with supportive nature-based serene original photography.

Rumi says: "from the moment you are born a door has been placed in front of you, so you can escape and be free"

- "The Prophet Is You" will unlock that door.
- "The Prophet Is You" moves beyond the cliche spiritual mindset.
- It leaves behind canned "spirituality 101" topics and delves into much deeper and more evolved discussion.
- This book is about turning fear into love, by bringing transformation, consciousness expansion and the highest awareness of the truth to the reader.
- This is a master class and there is a price of admission: leave your old self behind.

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