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A Unique Academic Opportunity to meet with the best scholars of Sufism in the world

The International Academic Center of Sufi and Aesthetic Studies
- is holding its 1-st international conference
- on “Moroccan Sufism in Global Context,”
- under the aegis of its cultural and academic activities,
- on May 14-17, 2015 in Fez, Morocco.

Focus of this conference is on
- Moroccan Sufism, as well as
- broader North African and
- global religious expressions deriving from Maghrebi Sufism,

The location
- is unique, for no other region in the world, past and present, has won so much acclaim for its Sufi heritage, saintly vision and richness of the soul.
- Indeed, Morocco remains the homeland of saints par excellence, and the city of Fez itself
— embellished by its historical monuments, shrines and mosques
— was founded by the sultan of saints, Moulay Idris.

This is a fantastic opportunity
- to come and learn, participate and engage with some of the most prominent scholars and academics from across the globe.

The details regarding conference programme and registration
- can be accessed at: http://fezconference.com/
- Further a promotional can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/pa7mu57x2qc

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