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Nash killed in car crash

Famed mathematician John Nash, 86 and his wife, Alicia, 82, were killed
on Saturday, in a taxi crash, on the New Jersey Turnpike.

They met in the 1950s

- while he was a professor at the MIT and
- she was a physics major
- They were first married in 1957.
- However, the couple divorced in 1962
- after Nash's schizophrenia forced his wife to have him involuntarily committed several times
- Alicia continued to care for her former husband throughout his illness, though, and
- the two remarried in 2001.

If she hadn't taken him in

- he would have wound up on the streets
- Nash's biographer Nasar told PBS
- He had no income. He had no home
- I think that Alicia saved his life

Their son, John Charles Martin Nash

- was born in 1959 and
- also suffers from the same mental illness that plagued his father for decades.

The couple were returning home from a trip to Norway

- where Nash received the Abel Prize for mathematics
- for his work on nonlinear partial differential equations

Their taxi driver lost control of the car

- while trying to pass a vehicle in the center lane of the New Jersey turnpike and
- crashed into a guardrail, ejecting the Nashes from the car.
- The couple was pronounced dead at the scene

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