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ANN COULTER, "Startling US immigration policy facts"

that the anti-American crowd doesn’t want you to know:

1. If an illegal alien drops a baby on American soil:
- the entire family can access welfare programs that were supposed to be for the U.S. citizens only
- in addition, illegal aliens can collect: food stamps, housing subsidies, free medical care & free schooling.

2. The Constitution did not make U.S. citizenship a game of “Red Rover” with the Border Patrol:
- Haha! Too late — I had the baby!
- The 14th Amendment confirmed the citizenship rights on former American slaves — not 21st-century freeloaders from China.

3. Our ludicrous “anchor baby” policy was invented
- out of whole cloth by the liberal Justice William Brennan and
- slipped into a footnote in a Supreme Court opinion in 1982.

4. On average, in the US each year:
- a college graduate pays about $30,000 more in taxes, than they get back in government services,
- while those without a high school degree get back about $35,000 more in government services, than they pay in taxes.

5. Only about 7% of Americans do not have a high school diploma, but
- more than a 33% of legal immigrants under the post-Kennedy Immigration Act and
- about 75% of illegal aliens do not have a high school diploma.

6. Mexican immigrants send $20 billion back to Mexico every year
- more than the U.S. sends to that country in direct foreign aid.

7. The New York Times was saved from bankruptcy by one of the richest men in the world
- Mexican Carlos Slim, whose fortune comes from illegal aliens’ sending money
- most of it taken from the U.S. taxpayer — back to Mexico.

8. Anything the Times says on immigration:
- ought to be treated like a press release from a tobacco company about the low risk of disease from smoking.

9. Contrary to repeated assertions that fences don’t work
- by the Times, as well as a slew of liberal Republicans, such as former Texas governor Rick Perry,
- after Israel completed a fence along its border in 2013, the number of illegal aliens entering the country dropped to 0

10. The country that put men on the moon
- can’t seem to build a wall like the one
- the Chinese built 700 years before Christ.

11. Fully 50% of the fires on federal or tribal land investigated by the Government Accountability Office:
- where a cause could be determined, were set by illegal immigrants
- For suggesting as much, Sen. John McCain was denounced as a racist on MSNBC and in The Washington Post

12. Illegal immigrants from Mexico planted a huge pot farm right in the middle of Sequoia National Forest:
- dumping pesticides and refuse within a few miles of the world’s tallest tree.

13. The Sierra Club, which took a $100 million donation from hedge fund billionaire David Gelbaum to be pro-illegal immigration:
- never said a word about it
- Consequently, nothing the Sierra Club says about immigration — or the environment — can be believed.

14. The government refuses to say how many foreign-born residents have been sentenced to prison in America
- There is no attempt to count naturalized citizens at all, or legal immigrants in state prisons
- Even illegal immigrants are counted only, if the states have requested reimbursement from the federal government for those inmates.

15. Instead, the government issues reports with its wild guesses
- about the number of aliens, who are imprisoned in America
- The Department of Justice relies on immigrants’ self-reports
- The GAO goes by Bureau of Prisons data
- The U.S. census simply guesses the immigration status of inmates

16. In 2010, New York state prisons held:
- more than 4,000 inmates from 10 Latin American and Caribbean nations, and
- fewer than 150 inmates from all of Western Europe
- most of whom were probably Muslims

17. There are already more Hispanics than whites in 2 states: New Mexico and California
- Hispanics are the largest minority group in:
- Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts,
- Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Washington & Wyoming

How about letting these facts “come out of the shadows”?
ANN COULTER, "Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole": http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1621572676
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