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The Burdens Men Must Bear

Men continue to bear the burdens of society by occupying all the dangerous jobs
- Of the 25 worst (i.e., most dangerous) jobs in society, 24 are 95% - 100% male
- The 25-th - professional dancing, is half-female
- Industrial accidents are 6 times more prevalent in American than in Japan
- 94% of their victims are male
- Garbage collectors die at a rate 2.5 times that of policemen!

- Sanitation workers fatality rates - 2 times higher than police officers, 7 times higher than firefighters
--- they not only have to dodge traffic and rats,
--- they are set on fire by chemicals and deluged with contaminated blood

These male-dominated jobs pay better than secretary and receptionist
- not because of a masculine conspiracy,
- but because they are harder and more dangerous;
- there is a death premium in the pay
- "Every day, almost as many men are killed at work as were killed on an average day in Vietnam"

Men take these jobs to support their families
- Even when pay is not a question, men still take the dangerous jobs
- Of the 1,000,000 volunteer firemen, 99% are men
- Men still bear the overwhelming burden of war;
- if the draft were reactivated, men would be drafted, not women
- The gap between men's and women's life expectancies has grown since 1920
--- In 1920, women lived 1 year longer than men;
--- they now live 7 years longer


Бонус - "Князи грязи"
: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/667002
Tags: гендер, грязь, жизнь, риск, смерть

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