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Rental Car Insurance: Which Credit Cards Have You Covered

Before we review the rental car insurance benefits offered by each network, you should know that
1. Generally, your credit card offers secondary rental insurance.
- This means that it will only pay for the cost of certain damages not covered by your regular car insurance policy.
2. As the cardholder, you must book the rental car with your credit card under your name to receive coverage.
- Only carrying a card that offers rental car insurance isn’t sufficient.
3. Typically, you must refuse the coverage, offered by the rental car agency, to receive rental car insurance benefits from your credit card.
- We’ll discuss exceptions to this general rule below.
4. This article applies to consumer credit cards only.
- While many business credit cards offer rental car insurance, coverage levels could be substantially different from the benefits described below.
5. Cards in the same network may have varying levels of coverage.
- Some issuers don’t offer rental car insurance at all,
- while others set terms that differ from the network standard.
- Call your bank or check your card’s benefits statement to learn more about your specific card’s benefits.

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